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Lindsay is such a versatile model and easy to get on with. She brings so much to the table, for example being a MUA and knowing how to style for any shoot.

massive wardrobe of clothes and shoes etc. provides her photographers with lighting gear, biscuits and tea.


always has ideas to help the creative session along.

a model you could trust with your most respected clients.

Lee Tog uk



It was an absolute delight to make the trip to shoot with Lindsay as I have admired her work and professionalism for some time. My shoot style is very laid back so I would probably say we had a really good conversation and took a few images as we went, the images of great of course.


Lindsay needs no direction just the basic concept and she delivers the shapes and poses that we all love. Wardrobe was amazing as expected, as was the famous purple hair and fabulous makeup. A delightful model to work with and if we get the chance to shoot together again I would jump at the chance. She is of course highly recommended.

Robin french


I had the enormous pleasure of shoooting with this beautiful lady in her amazing house.

The pre comms were more than perfect, realising I was dealing with a truly well organised professional.


Having met me at the station, we were able to have a great chat en route to her house. Lindsay is such a bubbly personality, incredibly friendly, great company.


Her house provides a wide variety of opportunities, and is beautifully furnished and decorated. Lindsay being so organised has her own make up boudoir with all her stuff so well sorted.


We managed to shoot a number of different sets and throughout she is a consummate master, mistress, of the shoot!

Lindsay is a true delight both in looks and character and I would encourage others to add her to their portfolios.


Thank you, dear lady for a great time.




I had the pleasure of shooting with Lindsay yesterday; allowing me to experiment with a few ideas and styles id been wanting to do for a little while. We had a lot of fun on the shoot, I think we laughed more than we shot but hey.. that's a sign of a good shoot in my opinion.. it didn't feel like work. 


Hair and Makeup were impeccable as you'd expect, Wardrobe: varied and fantastic.. Lindsay knows her shape, body and the light and how to pose, she needed little to no direction form me to get the most out of the locations we shot around the house. Ideas bounced around all day the time literally flew by.


I'd highly recommend shooting with Lindsay and can't wait to shoot again.


Rob the photographer


I have had a pleasure to shoot with Lindsay couple of months ago.

Makeup, hair and outfits were brilliant, right from the very first image she showed enthusiasm and professionalism!


What I need to say is... Lindsay is beautiful person inside ans outside.

She came with the coffee as she knew I had a long trip for our shoot. We have been laughing and chatting like old, good friends.


Wonderful posing and great atmosphere, pictures came out just perfect!

Highly recommended.. LINDSAY IS THE BEST!


I'm so glad we booked our next shoot, can not wait for that day.


Paulina Czochra

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