The Lindsay You Dont See

I am going to share the Lindsay that very few people know about or see.

Someone told me that i should share my life, away from the camera. 

The true life i lead includes all of these illnesses I suffer with
1. Fibromyalgia 
2. ME/CFS 
3. Pernicious Anaemia 
4. Herniated C5/6 Disc
5. Postural Hypotension 

All these illnesses are hidden, no outward symptoms for the world to see. 

Life is hard for me, but modelling is something I have found which makes life a much better place for me to live in. 

I had to give up my career as a financial Advisor due to my ill health, which was such a hard thing to do. 

Modelling and the people I meet have transformed my life, giving me purpose. 
It is very hard work, very painful at times and exhausting, but I won’t stop doing it because of how I feel during and after.

These conditions may have taken a lot away, but they haven’t  taken my soul and who I am. 

There are many people out there a lot less fortunate as I am. I am happy, content and am surrounded by fantastic people, for that, I am very blessed. 

If you want more info on anything here, just ask.


Below are links to all the conditions if you want to know more and get a better understanding of what life is like, behind the camera!

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